Discussion Guide: For classroom use, ask the students to give specific textual evidence for their answers.

  • One of the book’s major themes is the importance of loyalty. Where do we see examples of this? How does the theme develop throughout the book and how does it affect the outcome.
  • Another theme in the book is what does it take to be a true warrior. Where do we see examples of it? How does this theme develop throughout the book and how does it affect the outcome?
  • Ian and Arianna are opposites, one is a warrior the other is a peacemaker. How is it important that they work together? Where are there examples of their conflicting personalities affecting the plot?
  • What do you think the future of Ian and Arianna’s relationship is and the balance of their planets will hold? Do you think their problems will resolve by breaking the curse? Why or why not?
  • Take a close look at Corbin’s actions throughout the book. How do his choices affect Ian and Arianna?
  • Silivus’s desire for power is obsessive. What might explain his strong interest in Ian and Arianna? Why do you think Arianna, even though she has no memory of Silivus, is so affect by Silivus when he is around her?
  • Do you think Arianna really meant it when she said she didn’t want to be friends with Ian anymore and that all Ian wanted was her magic? How does this comment reflect on what has been happening between their planets Bankhir and Garfel? How does it affect Ian when Arianna breaks their magical communication bond?
  • How does Silivus undermining Arianna affect Ian? What is Ian’s reaction to Arianna doubting herself? What is Arianna’s reaction?
  • Ian and Arianna were sent away to live unaffected by the rift between Bankhir and Garfel. How did the misunderstandings between Ian and Arianna reflect the conflict between their races? Do you think they can work out their differences and fears before their planets are destroyed?
  • How has the relationship dynamic changed between Ian and Arianna throughout the book? How has Ian and Corbin’s relationship changed? Is Ian any closer to becoming a true warrior at the beginning of the book compared to the end?
  • It appears that Ian’s snap decisions regarding his quest creates some interesting results. Examine clues in the book where Ian’s choices might affect the future of his planet.
  • Hoes does the first person point of view Ian gives in the story influence how events are described in the story? How might the story be different if it was told through Arianna’s perspective? Examine different characters and explain how their point of views would change the story.
  • Compare and contrast how Ian views Arianna, Corbin and Silivus and what he learns about them in the end of the book. Support your view with example from the text.
  • We read books for enjoyment, but sometimes we discover that book can teach us things. What will you take away from Ian Quicksilver: The Warrior’s Return? Do you have what it takes to be a warrior?


Epic Battles!

Choreograph a fight scene. Who is your hero and who is the villain? Now give each character a reason, a desire and the heart to do what they need to do to win the fight!

Calling All Warriors!

Ian’s path to becoming a warrior is connected to his loyalty, magic and Arianna. What would you do if given the opportunity to become great? What is it about you that makes you worthy of being a hero? What would be your choice of weapon? Sidekicks? Friends? Now go and create!