Launching Ian Quicksilver into the Atmosphere

Publishing a book is a lot like NASA launching a heavy, explosive hunk of metal  into outer space.  It looks and feels like the best idea ever until mission control begins the countdown and the special Red Button Of Doom is punched. In my case, I have exited the launch pad with little more than a few pages to protect me from the propulsion system strapped to my backside.  I’ve hit the atmosphere, people, and trust me, I’m freaking out.

Wish I’d thought to bring a package of Depends.

As I felt a few g-forces flatten my face, I hesitated writing the first post on my official author webpage.  What on earth was I going to say?  Would I complain about how hard it is to get published?  Whine about how many years, sweat, swearing and tears it took for me to hammer out a book worth reading?  Or just gush about how grateful I am to finally be here with a book in my hands? Well, I’m going to do none of the above.  Frankly speaking, I had very little to do with this book.  Ian wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for one, sublimely sarcastic, smart and dry humored young man.

My son.

Ian and Son #1 go hand in hand like peas in a pod.  They’re both blond, blue eyed, tan, and dripping sarcasm like a popsicle on the Forth of July.  It wasn’t hard to write about Ian when his protege lives in the same house with me.  It was very handy, in fact.  I got daily material fit for the page in the form of dialogue, wry glances and a long stream of witty quips.  He made my job excessively easy.  Which is also why letting people read Ian was very difficult.  Hitting the “send” button was very much like me hitting mission control’s go button knowing that I was sending off my very own son into the unknown.  Hard?  You have no idea.

Regardless of all that, I am now here with a book on the verge of take off.  I face the unknown, hoping, praying and crossing all available body parts that it will be a success.  My mind flies off to Puckerbush (The awesome town in Nevada Ian lives in) to double check on Ian and Ari and give Corbin a fist bump.  They are all ready for another challenge, anxious for me to launch them again into the stratosphere of new adventures.

And they’ll be coming.  The countdown has begun.  We’re all buckling our butts down, saying our final prayers and waving to friends and family.

We’re a go, folks and I can’t wait for you to meet Ian and his pals May 12th, 2015.


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  1. Rachel Paulus says:

    Soooo excited to see and read it! You so deserve this whole experience, and I am full of anticipation seeing where it all takes you! Can’t wait!!

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