Readers ROCK!!!

I love my readers.

Young, old and everything in between, they are all awesome.  They are fun, engaging and interesting.  Especially when they open up about themselves.  I love to meet new people, but when they start telling me their life story, I am wholly engrossed.

Last night at a book signing at Barnes and Noble, I met Gideon.  Not kidding.  That was his real name.  He is 14, skinny and loves to read, not to mention he loves Star Wars, so naturally we hit it off.  He wasn’t really there for my particular book.  He was there for my co-panel author who is his uncle (I think.  My memory is sketchy with all the family that came for Brock Booher).  However, the reason he stands out was that the kid was unlike any teenager I have met.  He was engaging, funny, interesting and could carry one heck of a conversation.  I signed his book with aplomb.

In fact, I HAVE to write a book with his name in it now.  Some readers just do that to a writer.  They spark the imagination, a character forms and I end up staying awake ALL NIGHT LONG, fleshing out a story.

Thank you, Gideon!  If you are reading this… May the Force be with you.  Good luck getting your parents to agree to you going to the midnight screening of the new Star Wars movie. And don’t gloat too much that you got a copy of my book and your sister didn’t.  Well… you can gloat a little.

You rock!

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  1. Gideon Tonkinson says:

    Haha the book was amazing finished it in about 6 hours at most. Very excited for the next on to come out! I loved the characters and the plot. I am totally going to share it with others. And maybe,hopefully someday it could become an epic movie. That would be all kinds of awesome, all kinds!!
    A huge fan of Ian QuickSilver,
    Gideon Tonkinsom

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