Today is the day!  The day Ian gets launched into the world.  Well…. sort of.  If you preordered my book on Amazon, they sent it out to readers a week early so, really it’s been out for a while.  I didn’t hold my breath or loose sleep or flip out the second I woke up on the dawning of May 12th.  Thanks Amazon, for killing my buzz.


Really, I am happy about it.  There is nothing quite like knowing that something I created is out there.  Finally out there.  My husband calls me tenacious for sticking with writing for all these years, which is sweet of him.  I thought the word was a little docile in description.  I now get to retract the claws, treat the rabies and take a breather for once.  That right there is a good feeling.

So good that I am going to do something super amazing today, like… wash dishes and pay bills.  Wish I had a bit of magic!

Happy Reading, Folks!



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